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Safety Is Our Specialty

Safety is the number one priority for any company and any worksite. Safety is the foundation on which any company succeeds. Safety is the backbone on which workers are capable of going home to their families every day. Safety allows for work to be productive and minimizes the impact to surrounding communities.  

GCS Specialty Contractors is dedicated to provide exceptional service for all your safety related needs. GCS Specialty Contractors has experienced, certified, and accredited safety professionals for any type of construction work and for any size.  Our experience and expertise will allow your job and employees to achieve all the positive aspects that a safe workplace yields.

From heavy civil construction to high-rise construction to fire safety management, for long or short term projects, we have the right safety professional for your job!

A Safety Professional from GCS Specialty Contractors becomes part of your team: providing safety by example, managing safety plans, completing logs, educating the workforce, and safety leadership. We will become an indispensable part of your project from beginning to end.

GCS Specialty Contractors has experience, certified, accredited Safety Professionals in the following areas:

  • Site Safety Manager
  • Site Safety Coordinator
  • Fire Safety Manager
  • Concrete Safety Manager
  • Heavy Civil Construction
  • Demolition Safety

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GSC Specialty Contractors

Demolition Specialists & Container Services

  • Safety Training 
  • Safety Inspections and Audits
  • Site Safety Plans
  • Tenant Protection Plans
  • Accident Prevention Programs
  • Site Specific Safety Plans 
  • OCIP Management
  • Risk Management